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It can be difficult, particularly if you are in an abusive situation, to have your own private space. This secure personal area allows you to keep a journal of your own experiences, thoughts and hopes for the future.

Create an account by choosing a private username and password known only to you. Keep your log-in identity secret to ensure complete anonymity. Once you have created your login this one username and password can be used to access the message board and your own private blog.

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Making your blog private

After registering but before your first blog entry you may wish to make your blog private, so that it may only be viewed by yourself, this can be done in a few simple steps.

Step One

In the upper right portion of your screen select "Blogs"

Step Two

On the left hand side now select "Blog Control Panel"

Step Three

Again on the left select "Blog Permissions"

Step Four

Just to the right of "Blog Permissions" you will be shown an option to change permissions, make sure to set both "Guest Permissions" and "Members Permissions" to "Can not read or reply to your blog entries" and then simply click "Submit"

Step Five

Thats it, your done. Your blog will now remain completely private.